Although the company name suggests it, we felt it important to emphasize the Veterans Realty Group is comprised of primarily Military Veteran Real Estate Agents. We Veterans come from a culture in which certain unalienable values were engrained in our core beings, values we feel are not inherently found in everyone. We are not suggesting non-Veterans are bad people or unethical in any way. However, there is an unspoken bond and immediate level of trust Veterans feel when among other Veterans. At one point in their lives, every Veteran made a decision and sacrifice every other Veteran understands, and there is something unexplainably bonding about that. The Veterans Realty Group of Metro Premier Homes captured  that camaraderie and trust in our core values, Excellence, Loyalty and Integrity. Excellence in what we do daily, professionally and personally; Loyalty to each other, our clients, business partners and society; and Integrity 100% of the time in all we do. These core values are what they are, there is no room for interpretation. Without actively living within these core values, the Veterans Realty Group would be just any other real estate company. This is why our clients love us. This is why we love our company.

How does one even begin to shop for a real estate company? It’s a tough question with a simple answer. There are thousands of real estate agents in the D.C., Maryland and Northern Virginia area, and most are marketing the same thing; great photos of men and women with amazing hair styles, lavish vehicles and super glossy business cards touting they are the best in the business because of some reason they made up. That’s great! I’m sure they are making lots of money convincing people to work with them. After all, that’s how you make millions in real estate! You get as many clients as you can! If that’s what you want, just do a quick internet search for real estate agent in the DMV area and throw a dart at the list. Wherever that dart lands, I’m sure you’ll find an agent eager to snag your business. If you are not looking for that, then you should read on.

The Veterans Realty Group is not your typical real estate company. We are sure you’ve heard this before, but we are serious about this, and we believe we reflect this fact well in our mission, which is to be an organization that makes an actual difference in society, FIRST. Yes, we are a real estate company helping locals and soon-to-be locals in purchasing and selling homes in the area, and we are great at it! The company’s real estate agents have an aggregate experience calculated by decades. So yeah, we definitely have buying and selling real estate figured out. But how does this help us achieve our mission to make an actual difference in society?

We are so glad you asked!

Over the course of 10 years, the Veterans Realty Group’s founding member made it a mission priority to donate funds from his commissions to charitable organizations focused on military Veteran causes. However, that was a personal decision. Now, with the Veterans Realty Group’s 2017 launch, that personal decision has become the company’s strategic goal. Our tactical, near-term goal is to always ensure our clients have the best professional real estate experience possible when buying or selling their home, period. Day in and day out, your needs are our priority. In the long-run, we strive to leverage that success so society can benefit. We take a portion of each of our sales and donate those funds to worthy charities of our clients’ choosing. That’s right! We work hard for you and earn our pay; then, we turn around and give much of that pay to a charitable organization that is making a difference in our society for a greater good. Not only are you buying or selling a home when you work with the Veterans Realty Group, but you are arguably changing the world for the better, and now is the most important time to be a shining example of positivity in this world, given all we hear about on the news is drama and negativity.

Our mission does not end at donating funds to charity. Many of our clients are servants to society in their own right and we believe they deserve, without reservation, a debt of gratitude and more. As such, if you are a Veteran, Fire Fighter, School Teacher, Nurse, Police Officer or other First Responder or Service Industry Member (ie Restaurant Staff), ask us about our proprietary programs for your home buying or selling needs. We want to thank you for all that you have done and continue to do by ensuring we can make your real estate dreams a reality while also assisting you through our programs, which benefit you more! 

If you do not fit into one of the above groups for which we have proprietary programs, do not fret! We love you as well! We promise you will get our excellent service and you will be pleased with your experience, or we will have failed in our own eyes. But, please do not expect us to provide you the tangible benefits we take from our own pockets to provide those deserving groups above. If you expect your real estate service to concede financially as a requirement to earn your business, we are not your company.  I suggest you throw a dart at the results list of your internet search and start shopping. We go a long way for everyone, and to our extreme limits for those who serve. If you still want to work with us and you want the same  accommodations as our preferred groups, we know several military recruiters looking for excellent people to serve our country, and we would be honored to introduce you and then assist you through our reserved programs.

If you want someone whose integrity is never in question, whose willingness to sacrifice and serve was established when they were issued a uniform and whose drive for mission success was proven through defending this country at home and overseas, and whose mission is NOT to make millions in real estate, but to make an actual difference in society FIRST, then look no further than the Veterans Realty Group.

If you think you are ready and want to work with Veterans committed to your success, contact us today and we can discuss our programs with you to ensure you are 100% comfortable with pursuing your real estate goals with the Veteran Realtors of the Veterans Realty Group right beside you. If we jive, your success is virtually guaranteed.

Here’s the Bottom Line: we are Military Veteran Realtors continuing the mission we began in uniform, to serve a greater good than ourselves and be a positive influence on society in our personal lives and in the real estate community through Excellence, Loyalty and Integrity, every minute of every day.

If you are a Veteran interested in a professional real estate career and joining us in changing the world, contact us today and let’s talk. We are always glad to help a fellow Veteran succeed.